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"It’s too big Daddy…it’s too big!"

"You can do it baby girl.  Daddy needs your tight little ass tonight princess.  I want to fill your naughty ass with my cock."


"I said spread your legs, little girl.  Daddy’s is going to use your ass as a little fuck toy.  You want that, don’t you princess?"

"Yes, Daddy.  Use my little girl ass and fill it with your big Daddy cock."


Pin her down and breed her. Tell her how your going to fill her and there is nothing she can do about it.

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"Is this what real princesses do Daddy?"

"Oh yes, baby girl.  You can’t be a princess until Daddy trains you properly."

"And this is proper training, Daddy?"

"Oh yes, darling.  Only good little girl’s get this special princess training."


That moment when you finally cum inside her. You push in as deep as you can while your cock spews and injects every thread of creamy cum.

And her. Her face. That gasp the second she feels his cock getting thicker and harder right before he cums. She knows it’s happening, and has no plans on stopping him. His hands running all over her body only adds flavor to the warm tingles under her skin.

She loves that feeling, the feeling of being filled to the brim. To feel complete, to feel so receptive and female.

You both grow addicted to that bare feeling, and neither of you will ever suggest a condom or pulling out ever again.

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Angry Hole!

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Daddy came in my ass, plugged me up, and took me out for froyo. I’m such a happy girl :3

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